Graduated from Moscow Textile University in 1984, faculty of applied art.

In 1997-1999 was the lecturer in Moscow Textile University, to teach composition on faculty of applied art.

Member of Moscow Artists Union since 1991.

Since 1987: exhibitions in Moscow, Norway, India, Belgium ,Poland, England, India, and Australia.

Member of creative trips in India and Himalaya in 1992 and 1993.

Works are in Moscow’s museums( the State Art Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno, museum of  Modern Art   Russian Academy of Arts, Russian museum of applied art), Walbrzych museum(Poland), in the  Bank of America collection, in private collections in Russia, Germany, Poland, England, Canada  ets.


 Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts for works presented on solo exhibition “Ambiguous situation”   in 2007.

 Diploma of Moscow Artists Union in 2004 for work”Sad story»,

 Certificate for participation in plenary “Szczawno Zdroij-99”,

  Diploma of Moscow exhibition “Gold paint brush-97”,

Publications in

 - magazines:” Surface Design Journal” USA, July 2000;

                     “Textileforum” Germany, 1998, 1999,


                       “DI” (Journal of Russian museum of Modern art”) 2005 ets.

 - catalogs: “Bank of America collections”1992;

                   “Textil in Moskau und St-Petersburg” Germany 1992;

                   ”Moree Flowers”India, 1993;

                    “Textile Art-90”USSR-Norway, 1991;

                    “Gold paint brush” Moscow, 1997;

                     “In absentia- in corpore”Poland, 1998;

                     ”Wax Сracks” Ghent, Belgium, 1999;

“Artists Designers Teachers”, Moscow, 2009;

-              album “Tsaritsyno. Collections.” Moscow, 2005.

-              book “Hello, India!” bureau of creative expeditions, Moscow, 2007.

Some exhibitions:

1990- "F-15” Moss, Norway;

1991- “David Harrington” London, England;

1993- “Habiart” Delhi, India;

1997- “Tretyakov gallery” Moscow, Russia;

1997-“Zamek” Walbrzych, Poland;

1998- “na Jatkach” Wroclaw, Poland;

2006 - Solo exhibition in Moscow “Ambiguous situation”.

Every year takes part in exhibitions in Moscow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   




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